…And The Winners Are?

Well, in my opinion, you are all winners.  I have nothing but the deepest respect for animalhooray welfare organizations and the people who run them.  As a volunteer myself, I know how much work and dedication it takes to run a rescue and the people behind them are incredibly dedicated and passionate.

I want to thank Litter Lifter® for their generous donation to the Rescues and the fans of The Catnip Times.  Litter Lifter® is passionate about stopping inappropriate elimination in cats and they have a product that is cleverly engineered to make scooping litter a breeze.  No more litter dust and sifting.  I still don’t know how they did it – but I can’t live without these scoopers.

So without further adieux, I present the winners of the Litter Lifter® and The Catnip Times Giveaway!


Muskegon Humane Society Muskegon MI
Crash’s Landing Cat Rescue and Placement Center Grand Rapids MI
Coming Up Roses Green Creek NJ
BestPals Animal Rescue Center Holland MI
My Feral Family Ft. Myers FL
Nebraska Humane Society Omaha NE
Winging Cat Rescue Inc. Griffin GA
Little Mews Rescue Oxford NY
Mid Hudson Animal AId Beacon NY
Newnan-Coweta Humane Society Newnan GA
Kitten Division Dixon MO
CATS Cradle Shelter Fargo ND
Forever Home Feline Ranch Springfield IL
C & Ws Rustic Hollow Shelter, Inc. Nashua IA
The Humane Society of Fremont County Canon City CO
Wind and Willows Rescue Fallon NV
Tree House Humane Society Chicago IL
Texas Humane Heroes Leander TX

The Catnip Times’ Fan Winners 

Note – If you’re a fan who has won, you will need to send me an email at wesley@catniptimes.com with your mailing address so I know where to send them to.  You must respond by Friday, January 10.  If we don’t hear from you, we will move down the list of runner up winners, denoted by the “R” number.
Random Winner First Name Last Name Cat(s) Name(s)
1 Julie Schallhammer Bailey & Lucy
2 Melissa Barli
3 Connie Frey Oropesa Bubba Bam Bam
4 Cheryl Johnston Cleo, Rosie and Louie
5 Lorry Castleberry Finn Lestat
6 Jess Gracie
7 Jane Schwartz Lady
8 Shann White Little Bit
9 Midnight1278 Midnight
10 Jennifer Bryant Spotticus
R1 Allyson
R2 Jeanne Miller Tiger Lily
R3 Julie Cody
R4 Debbie Apollo “Prince Charming”
R5 PinkRockFish Sugar
R6 Nayany Lily
R7 Jean Nordstrand
R8 Joan Garrison
R9 Kelly Parrish

Happy Mew Year!

Happy Mew Year everyone!  This morning I woke up to the cats staring at me, wondering why breakfast was a bit late (err, we went to a party last night).  I proceeded to wish each and every one of them a Happy New Year out loud with a little pat on the head… and then I repeated that same scenario a few more times.

As they looked at me expectantly for food – I carefully picked out today’s meal.  Not just any meal… but a special New Year’s meal of Blue Buffalo Flaked Tuna – so they could kick off the New Year just right!  After all, I want to make sure that 2014 is the best year possible for all of them.  After all, they have so many goals, dreams and aspirations for this year… like napping, climbing, hunting toys, eating, napping, pouncing, getting kitty massages… napping, playing, eating, wrestling with each other and finally…napping.  Happy Mew Year Everyone!   Make it a great 2014!

2014-01-01 08.29.52

Meowy Catmas



Cat Thief [VIDEO]

This video is hilarious…how many of you have a cat thief at home?

Saloon Cat



This cool #cat looks like a cowboy walking into a saloon!

Pudding and Potato’s Christmas; the Final Part.

Now…for the final chapter of Pudding and Potato’s Christmas… will Pudding finally get his Christmas present?

In the event you need to catch up on the action, you can read the earlier parts here:

“Written by Pudding the Cat: December 25th, 2013.”

“Jingle Bells, Potato smells, Pudding stays in bed!”
Okay, that’s not entirely accurate. And I will admit here in my private diary, I secretly enjoy puddingxmasdaythe madness of present day; when Mummy and Daddy servant gulp lots of hooman liquid; rendering them giggly and silly. Elvis receives a brand new castle in his tank – which he forget exists a thousand times a day. And Potato; who celebrates his first, is likely to become so excited by all the glitz and glamour, he will end up running around until his chicken drumsticks can move no more. By evening time – as we always do, we will find ourselves sleeping in my living room like grizzlies in snowflakes season; happy and relaxed, as our tummies are loaded with pieces of that Turkey bird, who Mummy always violates in an unfriendly manner…
As far as my extra-special shiny gift is concerned? It is with great sadness to announce, I have abandoned my quest to defeat prickle man and his army of decoration soldiers, until next year, anyway. For all my ingenuity and cleverness, my associate Potato is still a trifle too short for this Pudding to achieve success. But I will train him in the wits of combat – and bathing too; smelly woofington. Beside a meatier Potato, all I need is a fresh, innovative master-plan; which I am considering involves a giant wibbly wobbly jelly attack of some form – but this is for another time. For right now, I will merely enjoy jingly jangly sounds, tasty noms, and hope the special shiny gift is something the recipient finds appropriate; even though ceiling cat meant it for yours truly.
It’s not all doom and dustbin-men; the other menial gifts sometimes satisfy me. There was that poster of those card playing woofingtons – which I gave my opinion of with a lovely sausage on top of it. Then there was the evil robot Monkey, designed to overthrow my powers; until I introduced a naughty little pee to his mechanics, and made him exploded. I even enjoyed the cardigan, crumpled version of Mummy knitted for me to wear; but only because it made a lovely bed to practice my meditations in.
Anyhow, being the special day it is, I glide down the stairs; where inside my messy living room everyone seem excited. All the presents have been opened; well, all but the extra special shiny gift protected by the green prickle monster – taunting me in another year of victory, no doubt. Daddy dances in a brand new top hat, magic stick, and a pair of comfy feet warmers as a Mince Pie sticks out his mouth. Mummy wears a huge jumper that makes her look like a leprechaun person. And Potato wears the replica jumper to Mummy – only a smaller version to fit his hairy belly; he doesn’t appear too pleased, he told me he had asked Pugster Claus for a bed shaped like a sausage. 
Wondering what I have this year, I look around for my tributes… nothing? Has the monster brain-washed them all, and made my family forgotten me? I am worried. Suddenly, an excited Mummy grabs the special shiny gift from the clutches of prickle man, and to my shock, hands it to me with a wide-eyed expression. In her odd hooman tones, she speaks; “This is for you, Pudding. Everyone wanted to show their gratitudes and appreciations, for all your years of caring for us.” I don’t believe it – my mediations of mind power worked! Not only am I master and ruler of the entire household, but also prickle monster as well! Potato looks at me in an agreeable manner, nodding for me to open the prize I have waited all these years for; I have a feeling he has played a part in this magical, of unimaginable outcomes.
In an excited hurry, I tear away the shiny wrapping. I stand back, more shocked than I have ever felt in any of my nine amazing lives. I stare at my award in awe, then say a proud thank you and a very happy present unwrapping day to Mummy, Daddy, Elvis, The Colonel, and of course, Potato – who nods and smiles wildly as his bacon slice of a tongue sticks out. The present I have waited for through all these years, is bold, beautiful, and everything I could ever have dreamed of. It is the greatest gift in the entire history of the universe…
To discover what Pudding’s special shiny Christmas gift is, CLICK HERE and like Lee’s Facebook Writing/Fan page. Where all shall be revealed at 10:00am GMT (UK time), on Christmas Day Morning…


Pudding and Potato’s Christmas; Part Three of Four

If you missed Part Two of Pudding & Potato’s Christmas Adventures you can read it here and be sure to like Author Lee Gunnell’s Facebook Page to get more updates and adventures… (he’s trying to hit 1,000 likes before the end of the year – and he only needs 50 more!)

“Written by Pudding the Cat: December 18th, 2013.”
Silly woofington! There he was, perched on the edge of the shelving unit above the legs into the air, and fireplace – where before him, the greedy green prickle monster stood helpless; moments away from finally being conquered by my most fiendish of intricate plans. All I required was one leap forward; a simple action of lifting those two chicken drumsticks he refers to as pouncing his way to guaranteed victory, leaving me free to finally collect my extra special shiny gift! However, when it comes to my silly sidekick, Potato; the suave and the sophisticated, is always reserved for fantasy…
The reality is a far different story. Potato – inches from pouncing, as I sat in position watching on in my Penguin costume, all of a sudden decided to turn around, hop off the unit, and then rush up the house stairs like his bum was on fire; in search of a “tasty smelling sausage” he later told me had wafted into his nasal implements, but couldn’t find… wally. I am fortunate to have seen him move, otherwise the prickle monster may have realised it was the royal one sitting beneath him – and not my clever disguise as Flappy; avoiding inevitable attack with his shiny balls of doom. It is frustrating, and time is running out, but I can only work with the tools I have – and Potatoes are hardly the most ruthless instruments of battle ever created by ceiling cat. Continue reading

Litter Box Etiquette Checklist and December Giveaway Reminder

We are still trying to drum up attention from  U.S. rescues and we need more oflitterboxroses them to send us a quick note in the comments section about their shelter.  When they do, we’ll send them a Litter Lifter® trial pack. It’s that simple.  Will you help us?

To help – simply send the link to the giveaway to your favorite shelter in the U.S.  Or, if you know a shelter volunteer, let that person know so they can enter the giveaway.  These scoopers can mean a whole lot to some kitties in shelter’s this holiday season – so please help spread the word.

In the meantime, here is a short list of litter box do’s and don’t’s…


  • Put the box in a high-traffic area.  Cats are finicky at best about the location of their latrine. So never put the box in an area with a lot of commotion.  Also, don’t relegate the box to a dark corner in your basement next to the furnace on the cold cement floor.
  • Place near food, water or bedding.  Would you want to go where you eat and sleep? Think about it…it’s common sense.
  • Constantly change the type of cat litter you’re using because of the latest and greatest marketing campaign.  If your cat likes the litter you’re using – stick with it.
  • Use strongly scented litters.  A cat’s sense of smell is much better than ours.  While a litter box that smells like a bouquet of lavender may seem appealing to you – it may send your cat packing…and looking for the nearest alternative to pee on.
  • Use covered litter boxes.  I realize this is a bold statement, but I find them dirty and it’s easy to forget to clean them.  The dust cloud stays confined to that plastic bubble and your poor kitty breathes it in.


  • Make the box accessible to your cat, yet make sure your cat has enough quiet and privacy.
  • Provide multiple litter boxes throughout the house.  If you have multiple cats, you may not be aware that one cat may ambush another cat’s use of the box.  Provide location options.  The rule of thumb is to add one litter box to the total number of cats in the household.  If you have three cats, you should have four litter boxes.
  • Find a great litter and stick with it – as long as your cat approves, that’s all that matters.
  • Clean it daily.  Yes, daily.  I clean mine twice daily.  Imagine going to the toilet and the previous person hadn’t flushed.  Gross.  Cats feel the same way.
  • Use a Litter Lifter® if you feel less than motivated to clean the box. Why?  I swear to you, this scooper makes cleaning the litter box so easy.  I can clean four boxes thoroughly in less than a minute.  And no, I’m not being paid to say that!  They truly are that great!

I hope these tips help you and your kitty out.  The Humane Society has an eloquently written article on the topic if you need more information.  In the meantime – be sure to get your local US shelter involved in our Litter Lifter® Giveaway!  100 Shelters and 10 Fans will get Litter Lifters®…. and there’s still plenty of time.

Pudding and Potato’s Christmas; Part Two of Four

If you missed Part One of this story you can read it here and be sure to like Lee’s Facebook Page to get more updates and adventures… (he’s trying to hit 1,000 likes before the end of the year! What a great Christmas present it would be!)

“Written by Pudding the Cat: December 11th, 2013.”

The giant wooden wind defender has just slammed shut; meaning mummy servant has left

Pudding and Potato

Pudding and Potato

the kingdom, to collect my weekly order of noms and comfort devices. It is a crisp winters morning, where all is peaceful in the palace. With only myself and Potato inside (Elvis the Goldfish doesn’t count, on account of being an idiot… and a Goldfish), the time is nigh to defeat the green prickle monster of doom; and claim what is rightfully mine – my extra special shiny gift!

You see, with my lovely new present currently resting underneath the guard and the glare of prickle monster and his loyal decoration soldiers; who know me only too well, I am unable to move anywhere close above ground level. Potato – in comparison, is still a curious unknown to these ruthless villains. For some inexplicable reason, the prickle has taken a shine to our silly woofington, and our silly woofington in return, has taken a shine to the prickle. Each of the past ten dark time periods; where mummy and daddy recharge through meditations – in order to prepare themselves for future Pudding worshipping duties, the oddball has taken to resting beneath the enemies dangly, ball-shaped arms; unaffected by his electric lights generator, and even penetrating the stoic solders – one even wrapped itself around the smelly fella yesterday, in comfort, not attack. Even more surprising, greenie allows Potato to rest right beside MY special ceiling cat present – it’s just not right.
Needing Potato for my amazing plan, I initially attempted to convince him of the monster’s evil nature; but woofingtons are incapable of negative emotions toward anything that lives; and in the case of the fifty-feet tall shiny post outside – which he is so fond of standing on his legs and dancing with, some which do not. I then considered attaching sausages to those evil dangly arms – making Potato unintentionally destroy through hunger; but unfortunately, I have yet to learn how to grow myself new thumbs to lift up said sausages. In the end, the only means in which I am able to get Potato to complete my fiendish plan, has been to convince him he is doing it all for love; cue my Catavellian laugh… Continue reading

The Catnip Times and Litter Lifter’s® Giving Season Giveaway [CONTEST]

[NOTE:  Open to U.S. Addresses Only]

‘Tis the giving season!  … so The Catnip Times and Litter Lifter® want to spread some holiday litterboxheartcheer, and at the same time, help get the word out about the importance of litter box cleanliness to help save more kitty cat lives!!

Most people who have cats know that they are very particular about where they “go” and if their litter box is dirty, they will find a nice clean place outside of the dirty box to do their “business.”

Did you know?  Thousands of cats are euthanized and thousands more are relinquished to shelters due to inappropriate elimination habits.  It’s the number one reason why cats are surrendered to shelters every year!

Many of these issues could have been prevented just by having a clean litter box.

We’re going to do our part to help.   The Catnip Times and Litter-Lifter® are giving away Litter-Lifter-300x250  squareLitter-Lifter® litter scoopers – the best scoopers on the planet to deserving Cat Rescues and Fans.

These scoopers are designed in such a way that makes cleaning the litter box quick, easy and thorough. I’m not a design engineer, I don’t know how they did it – but these scoopers are better than any other scooper out there.

Two Giveaways

Shelter/Rescue Giveaway

We will donate Litter-Lifter® trial sets to 100 cat rescues!  To qualify, interested rescues need to respond in the comments section by providing:

  • A contact name at the receiving shelter
  • The shelter’s function (adoptions, TNR, foster, etc.)
  • Rescue organization’s address, including an email address where we can contact you.

Fan Giveaway

Ten (10) lucky fans will win their own Litter-Lifter® to share with your cat!  All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me, in 25 words or less, something about your cat that makes him or her special to you.

I’ll pick ten (10) winners* at random. How easy is that?

Here are some more details:

▪         Number of Winners:     100 Cat Rescues; 10 Fans

▪         Prize Description:          Litter Lifter® for each Fan and Trial Set of Litter Lifters® for                                                      each winning Rescue.

▪         Open to Addresses:      United States Only

▪         Contest ends on:          December 31, 2013 at 11:59 pm CT

▪         Winners* chosen by:    First 100 Qualified Rescues and Random drawing of Ten                                                    (10) Fans

▪         Winners* chosen on:    January 3, 2014

▪         Fan Notification:            The Catnip Times will announce the ten (10) fan winners on                                                   Facebook, Twitter and CatnipTimes.com.

▪         Rescue Notification:     The first 100 Rescues that submit the required information                                                     will receive the Trial Sets.

▪         Claiming Your Prize:     Fans who are Winners must contact The Catnip Times                                                         within 72 hours via The Catnip Times Facebook Inbox or via                                                 email at Wesley@CatnipTimes.com

*   No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. The winner(s) of the giveaway are required to give The Catnip Times a physical address to which the prize will be mailed within 72 hours. 

If a reply email containing the physical address where the prizes should be mailed is not received, alternate winner(s) will be chosen again by random. Winners may or may not be announced in a separate Internet post following the drawing.

 Now Post Your Comments Below!

Pudding and Potato’s Christmas; Part One of Four

Lee Gunnell is a writer/author from London who enjoys writing about a philosophical mixture of animals, pop culture, and positive thinking.  Be sure to like Lee’s Facebook Page.


“Written by Pudding the Cat: December 1st, 2013.”
My name is Pudding. Well, actually my full title is Her Royal Pudding Sausage Majesty; butpudding-2013-12-04_23.05.16 you don’t have to bow at this moment. I am a fourty-year-old tabby cat (six in hooman years) who owns a lovely bungalow in Henley-on-Thames in Surrey, England. Besides being awesome in every way imaginable, I live a generally normal life as a God amongst felines. I meditate eighteen hours a day, preen myself for another two, and with the minimal space in-between, my loyal minions Mummy and Daddy cater to my every service need; including food, warmth, and indefinite attentions. The odd neighbourhood woofington tells me I give little in return to my employees, but I quickly set them straight – my life’s work is to appear beautiful and be amazing; and nobody works it quite like the Pudding.

There is another member of my household, who I allow to sleep in my kitchen; and sometimes sit on the sofa, if I am feeling especially generous. His name is Potato, the Pug. Potato arrived here early this year as a tiny ball of stupidity, and I kept him because his belly makes quite an adequate pillow. Potato is like all woofingtons; slobbery, forgetful, and when he isn’t eating, farting – or concurrently doing both, snoring loud in his stinky bed. I should kick him out, but he does carry a few choice benefits; namely when the Pudding needs her dirty work doing, which Mummy and Daddy are too foolish to understand; like borrowing cookies, or popping out a naughty revenge poo in next door’s garden. We are in many ways a modern day Catgirl and Robin; if Catgirl were smarter, and Robin had a pea for a brain, that is. Right now however, Potato may be more useful then he has ever been…

You see, hooman sky flakes month has arrived; a time where they eat endless collections of chocolate noms, half-pint of milk sized versions of Daddy invade my property; moving all the intricate cardboard boxes I carefully set up for myself, and the same jingly jangles are played ad-nauseum through the chatterbox box. Of course, I can handle all these minor asides; my real problem is much, much larger. As happens every year on the first morning of this month, the green prickle monster has magically appeared in my living room – along with his vast army of decoration soldiers. Like the previous five years, he guards the special, prized present in the corner of the room; which ceiling cat has presented me as my annual award, for most glamorous cat in the universe.  Continue Reading…

New Housecat-Size Feline Species Discovered

Check it out!  A new cat has been discovered in South America – and it’s tiny, weighing in at only 6.5 lbs. or 3 kilograms!  I don’t know about you, but this kitty is smaller than even my smallest cat.

By Douglas Main, Live Science

Don’t judge a cat by its cover.

Oncillas are housecat-size felines found throughout much of South America, and are also known as little tiger cats, little spotted cats or tigrinas. But not all oncillas are the same: New research suggests that little tiger cats in northeastern Brazil belong to a different species from those elsewhere on the continent, although they look virtually identical.

Researchers analyzed the genetic material of oncillas in northeastern Brazil, and compared them with nearby populations in the south. They found that there was no flow of genes between the two populations of oncillas, and hasn’t been any for millennia, according to the study, published today in the journal Current Biology. Continue reading




Happy Thanksgiving!



Lion forms close, rare bond with conservationists [VIDEO]

Very cool story about two men in Africa that saved this lion and have an amazing bond with it.  The Lion is an absolutely majestic creature.  Video below.

Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth raise Sirga as a cub after she was abandoned; pair seeks to save lion population through Modisa Wildlife Project

November 04, 2013 by  of GrindTV.com

Mikkel Legarth with Sirga the lion at sunset; photo from Caters News Agency used by permission

Mikkel Legarth with Sirga the lion at sunset; photo from Caters News Agency used by permission

Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth play with Sirga as if she were a family pet. But while she is not a pet, Sirga is considered part of the family, as much as a lion can be part of a human family.

It is a touching bond that stretches back to when the two men rescued Sirga as a cub deep in the African bush and became the animal’s surrogate parents. Legarth told the U.K. Daily Mail that his bond with Sirga is similar to her being part of his pride.

“A pride had three cubs and two were killed before Sirga was abandoned without food,” Legarth told the Daily Mail. “It happened on our land and we could not stand by and watch her die.”

Botswana Lions

Valentin Gruener and lioness Sirga hug; photo from Caters News Agency used by permission

The two conservationists, working to save the lion population through the Modisa Wildlife Projectin Botswana, South Africa, raised the cub and formed an unusual bond with the animal, as you can see in the accompanying photos taken by Nicolai Frederik Bonnin Rossen and in this video:

The video shows Sirga acting as friendly as the family dog, and relates to Gruener and Legarth like she would other lions. But unlike a pet, Sirga, who is kept away from other humans, can hunt down prey on her own at the Grassland Safari Lodge where predators are kept in semi-natural conditions. Continue reading